> how we met

(according to Jen)

To be honest, I don’t remember. Doesn’t sound too romantic, does it? We met when I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. I remember seeing him in a friend’s room with the lights off and a strobe light going – and I thought he was a pretty intimidating bad-ass Korean guy. Then he started talking and I thought, “Ahh….that’s what a Texas accent sounds like.” Turns out he still thought he was black and was speaking in ebonics. He thought I was a cute Chinese girl with a nice butt…which was true...=)

During those years of being friends, we partied together, stayed up countless nights chatting on ICQ, shared a love of Russian literature and eclectic music, and flirted a little here and there. But mostly, I really treasured Andy as being one of my best and most loyal friends - I knew he'd always be there for me through all the rough spots.

It wasn't until close to the end of my junior year, and his graduation, that our friendship became more. I asked him to houseparties at my eating club, which is a weekend-long event with a formal banquet night, semi-formal night and champagne brunch. I was elated when he graciously accepted, and during the weeks leading up to the formal night, I know both of us were wondering what the weekend would bring.

Well, we had a blast and it was pretty clear by the end of the weekend that we were more than friends! It was a surprise to all our friends but I think maybe we both secretly hoped something like that would happen. I’m so thankful that I’m marrying my best friend.


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